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NPRA wishes to inform employers, workers and the general public that, SSNIT will continue to collect the mandatory 5% tier 2 contributions from employers without any registered schemes, after 31st December 2013 for a transitional period.

All employers are advised to register an Employer Sponsored Scheme or join a Master Trust Scheme as soon as possible to ensure compliance with the National Pensions Act 2008, (Act 766).

Trustees, Employers and Employees are further reminded that contributions lodged in the Temporary Pension Fund Account (TPFA) at the Bank of Ghana, can only be transferred to the Custodian Banks of Registered Schemes.
Employers should contact any of the NPRA Licensed Corporate

Trustees to register a scheme by visiting www.npra.gov.gh
Issued by NPRA Management
Posted: 24th December, 2013


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Over the years, concerns have been raised and agitations made by public servants over inadequacies of the level of pensions to sustain a respectable life for retired public servants. Of particular concern to most workers’ groups has been the low pensions received by workers ... | Readmore