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As part of the National Educational and Sensitization Campaign programme on the New Pension Scheme, the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) organized a media orientation to sensitize and educate Government officials, Public Relation & Media Analyst, Management Level Editors, Reporters, Presenters and Social Commentators on the new pension scheme at the Alisa Hotel and Coconut Grove Regency Hotel between 24th and 26th November, 2009.

This was to afford them the opportunity to understand the details of the new scheme so that they can speak from an informed source when speaking or reporting on the new pension scheme in line with their duties.

The programme was also to enable the Authority build a good partnership and rapport with the media for an effective and successful educational and sensitization campaign on the new scheme across the country.  


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Over the years, concerns have been raised and agitations made by public servants over inadequacies of the level of pensions to sustain a respectable life for retired public servants. Of particular concern to most workers’ groups has been the low pensions received by workers ... | Readmore